Card Holder T&C's

Updated: 10 March 2021

To receive an offer or discount, you must show a valid Independent champion member card.


Independent champion member cards are valid up to and include the date shown on the card. 


Participating business reserve the right to accept or decline the member card or question its validity.


The coastal collective is not liable to replace member cards in the event of them being lost, damaged or stolen. You can purchase a new one for a small fee of £3.


The coastal collective will endeavour to maintain that all offer information is correct however it is not liable for outdated offers or discounts that appear online that may be based on outdated information.


The coastal collective is not liable for the withdrawal of venues and the termination of their offer or discount. All venues will have to give a minimum of 14 days to withdraw their offer and venue.

Business Members T&C's

Updated: 10 March 2021

The Coastal Collective business members have the right to withdraw their venue and offer. 


You must inform The coastal collective in writing and give 14 days notice. You must continue to offer your benefit to our members for this 14 day period.


You as a member will be responsible for maintaining the information on our website Is correct through the website.


The Coastal Collective reserves the right to refuse any content is doesn't deem appropriate. 


Each application to join The Coastal Collective will be at our discretion and must fit the criteria set out during the signing up process. 


You have the right to refuse a member card should there be any question about its validity or authenticity. 


You will be responsible for making sure only valid cards are accepted, failure to do so may result in having your membership terminated.

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