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Today is truly a momentous occasion, The Coastal Collective has officially opened its doors to not only independent businesses but also those who want to support them - our ‘independent champions’.

So a bit about us, The Coastal Collective was formed when David and Mandy opened their businesses (Black Rose Barber Collective and Black Rose Creative) in Gosport high street during 2020. They had seen the high street deteriorate over the years, a place that used to be vibrant and bustling with locals as well as visitors from Portsmouth. It was becoming a place that was tired and forgotten...

This was something they knew they needed to act upon, and so 'The Coastal Collective’ was born. Robbie soon joined the team and the collective became a trio.

Our mission and vision is to not only bring life back into our high streets but celebrate where we live, champion our independents through our online directory, social media, shop and quarterly creative markets. We want independents to thrive, so they will have opportunities to attend business development classes, connect with other businesses to create and collaborate and find new opportunities as well as benefiting from tips and articles in our newsletter.

We also offer businesses a FREE promotional image and consultation with our in house photographer, Robbie Khan. If that wasn’t enough, we have created a loyalty card in which supporters can purchase to gain exclusive discounts from their favourite independent stores, which helps create a bigger customer base.

Businesses, this is truly a unique community to be apart of and we cannot wait to welcome you and shout about your business. If you want to get involved click on the ‘sign up your business’ to register, for a limited time we are offering a YEARS MEMBERSHIP FOR JUST £50 (from 1st May 2021 this will resume to our standard price of £70), or you can pay monthly for JUST £8.50

Independent supporters you can pre-order your loyalty card, which will be released 1st May 2021, to get access to incredible discounts from our registered independent businesses (check out our geowing directory for more details). For just £15 a year, that works out at just £1.25 per month and if that wasn’t enough, for a limited time you will also receive a EXCLUSIVE LIMITED EDITION TOTE BAG designed by Black Rose Creative (RRP £9.99) for FREE to say thank you for your support.

We are only at the beginning and already we are making our big visions on how to make independent businesses thrive a reality and we haven’t even touched the surface yet...2020 was the toughest year that ANY business could possibly have had but our mission is to make 2021 the year your business THRIVES.

Thank you for all the love and support, and even more importantly for being apart of our community, we are thrilled to have you here with us.

Mandy, Dave & Rob

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